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New look for First Tuesday
The First Tuesday forum is expanding its scope to generate intellectual property for the benefit of the entire industry.
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Sponsorship opportunities
For more information on the First Tuesday sponsorship opportunities available, and how it can benefit your company.

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First Tuesday is an independent Business Think Tank encouraging and supporting the creation of knowledge where business intersects policy, technology and innovation.

There are First Tuesday forums in 18 countries across five continents with over 41 000 active members worldwide. We are experts in creating dialogue, leveraging the power of different perspectives and experiences to develop new insights.

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About First Tuesday

First Tuesday South Africa is a non-profit, independent Business Think Tank gathering together key players and industry stakeholders to produce industry reference documents and white papers, which are then presented to market at the following First Tuesday event.

The information which is produced at a First Tuesday event is then integrated with the white papers and industry reference documents produced by FT in the re-event workshops and made available to FT members via the website. FT therefore aims to establish its intellectual property as the most comprehensive content on the market, which will be of benefit to all who read it.

Please contact your relevant First Tuesday representative in your country to find out what events are happening in 2010
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